Corded Petticoats & Hoop Skirts

Corded petticoats were often worn as an alternative to the hoop skirts.  Not only did they help to provide the bell shape so popular to the Era, without the hassle of the hoop wires, but they also gave warmth to the wearer.   Many women, who were not dressing “for fashion” but for service and day-to-day life, used these corded petticoats.  Corded petticoats helped prevent the skirts from getting caught up between the feet when you moved.

Our petticoats are made with 100% cotton and cotton cording.  They are machine washable, but we encourage hang drying.  All come with a drawstring waistband.

It is important that the bottom of the petticoat come above the ankle, or your foot will not hit the corded band as you walk.  If you find that you are tripping when wearing your petticoat, it is too long!


Hoopskirts are made with plastic covered steel, so will not be affected by moisture, like the cotton covered boning is. All skirts have a drawstring waist.

 What sized hoop skirt do I need??

Adult Corded Petticoat


Teen Corded Petticoat


Childs Corded Petticoat


1 Bone Hoop Skirt


2 Bone Hoop Skirt


2 Bone Flounced Hoop Skirt


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