The term “wrapper” generally refers to a loose fitting garment, which flows from the shoulders. A wrapper required no special understructure or support (corsets, hoops, petticoats or bustles). Fabric is pleated at the shoulders and when arranged with the tie belt, gives the dress the fan-front styling of the late 1850’s. The bodice is fully lined, with a fitted back and the skirt has an adequate circumference to be worn with or without a hoop. Includes two styles of sleeves: a bishop or shirt sleeve which gives the wearer the ability to roll it up while doing domestic chores and a simple coat sleeve. The loose front fitting makes this garment adaptable for maternity wear. This style was worn from the 1840’s thru the early 1870’s. The day wrapper makes a perfect work dress, or when accessorized with a pretty collar and belt can be “dressed up” for day wear. All in all a great addition to your re-enacting wardrobe. Includes lots of information and documentation on this style of dress. Available in both size groups, choose the size that closely relates to your bust.

Day Wrapper

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